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Time to build that SaaS finally

Learn the best toolkit in JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem with fullstack tutorials on example of real production grade applications. Start charging money for them.

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Hey! My name is Dimitri and I want to teach you the best opinionated ways of developing complex web projects. You take that knowledge and use it to achieve your dreams!

Dimitri Ivashchuk

Team lead. Indie Hacker. Educator.

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Spend time on ideas, not on figuring out how to write authentication or payment flows.

Go full stack

Learn how to build modern Frontend and Backend apps. Connect the dots and get them to work together.

Design with scale in mind

Learn how the SaaS apps that are intended to be serving thousands of users are built and sold.

Educate yourself

Get up to date with the contemporary application architecture principles, learn new technologies. Get your tech skills to brand new level.

Unleash your creativity

Having a toolkit is just the beginning. Mastering it - allows you to ship apps fast enough to make a prosperous business out of it.

Chris Kalmar
Chris Kalmar

Software Architect

Dimitri is an engineer that I had the pleasure to work with in a professional environment. His willingness to learn new things and to share his knowledge, makes him a great person to learn from.

The fact, that he builds his own SaaS continuously and already managed a profitable exit, shows that he is an expert, not only on the theoretical side of things.

Dominik Dorfmeister
Dominik Dorfmeister

Tech lead, React Query core team

Dimitri is the one Person I would ask about how to build a SaaS.

He has done it before successfully, always keeps in touch with the latest tech, and is a phenomenal software architect and team lead. His content is top notch, and StackOnFire will make that available to everyone!


Design & Code expert

Dimitri is a person who can code and design equally good! This means that if you are learning development from him you are actually learning to design clean interfaces with fantastic UX with the best industry practices!

Vlad Pasca
Vlad Pasca

Web Designer & Content Creator

The main reason why I started coding was that I wanted to create a SaaS . But my problem was that I had no idea where to start my learning journey.

Luckily Stack on Fire solves these problems for me. Now I finally know where to look for the right tools I need in order to build a SaaS.


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